They saw our football kit, and they wanted it – it couldn’t be put more simply than that. With a new chairman and background staff, Exmouth Town FC really wanted to drive forward and needed a kit to match their ambition. They invited us to showcase our offering, and once they saw a SWAZ sample, they were sold.

They loved that SWAZ gave football clubs an identity and wanted everyone at Exmouth Town FC kitted out in the same strip – from their youth team right through to their firsts.

We delivered a highly quality football kit with all the trimmings – tracksuits, polo shirts, training t-shirts and bags for first team, seconds, thirds, under 18s and the club’s youth system. The whole club is now wearing the same beautifully consistent bespoke design.

Hitting the Back of the Net

The Exmouth Town FC strip displays some stunning unique features, that were made possible to print by our 3D bespoke football kit designer – such as a slightly faded and enlarged version of their emblem on the side of the tops. It really sets their football kits apart from anything else on the market and gives the club the identity they were looking for.

The football club fast became a force in the South West Peninsula League after being promoted into the division quite a few years ago. They narrowly missed out winning the division this season, nevertheless, with their drive for success they secured runners up and promotion to the Western League.

Their ambition to keep moving up through the football pyramid is supported by SWAZ, and we will endeavour to continue producing football kits and accessories they can wear with pride.

SWAZ Football Kit Exmouth Town Custom Made Shirts

A Message From the Club

Kev Hill said: “After meeting with Darren and coming up with the design of the Exmouth Town kit, SWAZ has done nothing but deliver.

“The quality of the football kit is second to none and the design is absolutely bang on to what we drew up when we first met. SWAZ has really gone the extra mile to support the club and this season provided over 50 bucket hats, all embroidered with the club’s emblem, completely free of charge to our fans to wear at our last game against Bodmin Town. A top gesture, which was very well received.”

We took a brief and delivered a football kit that Exmouth Town Football Club are proud to run out in, with their fan base and committee also sporting the SWAZ designs from the sidelines.

It’s been a pleasure so far to do business with the club, which this season will move up into the Western League and look to build on what’s been an extremely successful couple of years. We’re behind them all the way. Up the Town!