When one of Cornwall’s oldest football clubs, St Blazey FC, approached us with a brief for a football kit that they wanted to create, we were excited to take on the challenge of working with a club with such a rich footballing history.

Having won the old South West Peninsula Premier Division 13 times and the Cornwall Senior Cup 11 times, St Blazey FC, who has a football history spanning well over a 100 years, have a huge bank of success behind them.

The tactics behind the St Blazey Football Kit

They wanted to celebrate and honour the club’s history, by creating a football kit that not only showcased their traditional colours of green and black but had the versatility to perfectly incorporate the branding of their key sponsor, St Austell Brewery, into the design as well.

At SWAZ, we’re all about versatility, flexibility and choice, and with our 3D football kit designer, it is possible to create a football kit to a club’s exact preference, down to the final stitch. This is a sponsor’s dream, as we have a whole host of options available to incorporate advertiser’s branding into the design of a football kit, adding value to sponsors and opening up revenue streams for football clubs.

We achieved this with St Blazey FC by producing a football kit that included St Austell Brewery’s full-colour logo on the front of the shirt, and the famous Tribute beer across the back.

It was a simple process at SWAZ, because our 3D football kit designer is so easy to use and offers club’s free reign to create whatever kind of kit they want, with whichever colours they want to use and design aspects they want to incorporate.

We now cater for all of St Blazey’s first team kit and team wear needs and have done for two years, producing the home and away football kits, all their team wear, manager and coach kits and sideline supplies. We’ve even kitted out their mascot. It’s been a fantastic couple of years and a working relationship we’re proud to have.